Now I’m back in San Francisco after my NYC trip. It was so much fun!

The lair talk was really awesome. Thanks to all the guys who came out. I have been receiving super positive feedback from both the organizer and the guys who attended.

We recorded the talk on video and may be releasing a segment from it soon, so stay tuned for that …

Now on to my most exciting news of the day :)

Yes, the rumors are true … –> –>

I have another NYC trip on the horizon (yay!) …

Many of you have been asking me about The Global Pickup Conference happening May 29th- 31st in New York City.

This conference is one of the best offers I have seen because, first of all, it’s cheap. Tickets are ONLY $257 for 4 days of training (and socializing, which is often the best part of these conferences — the connections you make!).

Global Pickup Conference goes far beyond having a great line-up of speakers like Brad P., David Wygant, Badboy, Speer, Ross Jeffries, Love Systems, Thundercat, Vin Dicarlo, PUA Training, Johnny Soporno, Dr. Paul, DJ Fuji, Julian Foxx, Vince Kelvin, Erika Awakening (myself), and many others …

The biggest benefit is that you actually get INFIELD TRAINING included in the ticket price. This way you’re able to learn from the best Gurus in the world. The best thing is you actually go infield with them and have them guide you infield every step of the way.

That’s right: Three days of seminar (classroom style) and 1 full day of INIFIELD TRAINING for a mere $257.

Not to mention all the bonuses this conference is giving away … such as, 100 Page Routine Manual (Valued at $100), VIP Video Vault Access with over 10 hours of video footage (Valued at $300) from all the instructors participating in the conference. The Video Vault holds infield footage, interviews, training videos and much, much more. Check it out at

…and that isn’t even the best thing about this whole thing. The best thing is it’s happening over Memorial Day Weekend so you will have a 4-day weekend and won’t have to take much if any time off of work. I gotta warn you though, seating is limited and prices are going up April, 1st so don’t hesitate sign up today at

What are you waiting for? Sign Up NOW!

If you have any additional questions, just give them a call at 954-274-6996 or email them at

Wow?!? Still waiting? DON’T. Sign Up NOW and I will see you in the big apple!

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