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Mark Manson

Mark Manson and Erika Awakening together in happier times

Do you trust Mark Manson? I did. I trusted Mark Manson a lot. He seemed on the surface to be such a “good guy.”

I realize some people will think I’m just “crazy” or “bitter” or what not. I’m still going to talk about this experience with Mark Manson of It was one of the most disappointing experiences of my lifetime. For a long time, it has turned me off of dating and relating to people entirely. And how Mark Manson has treated me afterward, including two personal meetings since then, has been even worse. A gentleman? Not in my eyes. To this day, Mark Manson still has not made amends for what he did. He can’t even look me in the eye.

I’m happy to report that, as mentioned in recent articles, I have a new website,

The intention of this new website is to bring a much needed counterpoint of integrity, accountability, deep healing, and masculine/feminine balance to this industry, where it is desperately needed. Mark Manson is representing himself as an expert in connection while he ignores dealing with a pretty major issue in his life. When we ignore our “other half,” it only leads to problems. My intention is that this website will make it impossible to ignore the Divine Feminine any longer.

To read more about this situation with Mark Manson and, click here.

We already have some great new content articles on the new website, so I invite you to check them out now:

1. Spontaneous Female Orgasm without Masturbation or Sex?

2. 12 Reasons Why Avoidance (“just getting over it” and “moving on”) Is A Stupid Practice

I also will be looking for guest posts, though I’m going to be very selective about which ones I publish there. It must be totally original content not published elsewhere, and it must be very deep transformational work. Canned or cliched dating and relationship articles will not be published on this new site.

Updated November 2013: I have consolidated the PostFeminine and SpiritualSeduction blogs here at You can look forward to lots of great content here.

You see it turns out that Mark Manson was so upset about that he changed his entire domain name from to I have explained many times why avoidance never works. He still seems to think that avoiding facing his issues is going to work. I have a little more life experience than he does.

Oh, speaking of which, did you know that Mark Manson despises people over the age of 30? Yes, I know he solicited feedback from “older” people recently but privately he says we are “old and ugly.” Yep, I kid you not.


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