Yes, I rarely do this anymore because I’ve seen over and over again how important it is that I insist you commit for you to get maximum results from my coaching method …

However, I found a way to give you a free sample of the life-changing, ultra-results-producing Abundance Challenge and also require your commitment … and that is by giving you each video for ONE DAY ONLY, three days in a row, so you can get in the habit of tapping daily, which is how you are going to get BIG MIRACLES.

This program has already created a bunch of HUGE MIRACLES, you can read the testimonials on the sales page, and this new one just came in yesterday:

“Tuesday morning I got a call notifying me of a $51,000 inheritance. This is pretty amazing considering that I’ve been tapping the 30 Day Abundance Challenge in which we’ve been tapping for ….. $50,000 ! I decided to quit my job and focus on my various businesses that I’ve been wanting to run for a while, but haven’t been able to dedicate my whole self to because of the job dragging me down. I’ve felt super empowered ever since.”

– Alexander Rose

For me personally, this program got me a brand new car (read more here) and has catapulted my business income into the stratosphere (over $67,000 last month just from the business, over $70,000 overall) … especially powerful when combined with the Personal Power Challenge.

And now you have the opportunity to try out the first three life-changing Abundance videos at zero cost – all you need to do is sign up here:

YES, sign me up for the first three videos free

You will get a login and password to log in to the site, but you must watch each video on each of the three days. This will help you commit to a daily HBR practice.

Erika Awakening

Again, the sign-up is here. If you signed up previously and didn’t get the videos, just sign up again and you’ll get a password immediately.