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Hey everyone,

I’ve been wondering for a while how to give my blog readers a little bit more of a taste of what my Holistic Belief Reprogramming sessions are like …

I haven’t found the written word to be nearly as conducive for creating the cathartic transformational experience that I intend to create as actual live sessions.

Naturally, I applied HBR to this issue recently when I noticed myself getting defensive about people’s negative limiting beliefs when they express them on my blog or my Facebook, whereas in sessions I virtually never have any defensive feelings, and my clients virtually never get defensive either. I felt curious about the difference between the two experiences.

And I’m determined to find a way of “showing up” here and on my Facebook that more clearly matches the session experience. I think part of the answer came to me today, and I’d like to share a Facebook thread that illuminates the new approach I’ll be experimenting with …

When I hear a limiting belief, I’m going to use questions to help the person look at the unconscious belief in the light of conscious awareness. Feel free to let me know how this new approach is working for you … just remember to keep the intention of your feedback constructive if you’d like it to be published on my pages. I will not tolerate abusive communication.

This is what I posted on my Facebook status today, and I enjoyed how the way I responded to one person’s limiting belief (which felt very disconnecting to me) opened my energy back up again and resulted in a conversation that felt good … this is a really good example of how people’s beliefs either shut down connection or open it. We’ll be opening up space for more of this in the weeks to come …

My original post:
Vegas Guy says Course in Miracles is the book he was looking for all along … How totally awesome is that? ♥

And these were the responses, and my responses to them:

TG: I find that when the course makes it into peoples lives in whatever way…it kinda chases after them ..haunts them … until they say ok. :)

B: Cuz some guys will say anything to get a lil some some! ;-)

Erika Awakening: How does that belief help you?

MS: Erika, I like your reasoning. I totally resonate with your Zen-like questioning :)

Erika Awakening: I do a lot of Zen-like questioning in sessions. I’m gonna experiment with it in public. I hear B believing that men are insincere and lie to get sex. The response my body has to that belief is disconnection. So I wonder how that belief serves anyone.

MS: If we look at the root of it, there’s still left inherited beliefs from their (fore)fathers that “sex is bad, sex is immoral and sex is there only to please the man, women do not want sex”. That is the mindset or the set of beliefs of most people. And Sex is Holy in my opinion. It’s the Unification of a man and woman so as to bring pleasure to them. Sex is the secret gate to Eden.

Erika Awakening: Hmm .. For me, my belief system has been the secret gate to Eden

MS: That’s what I’m talking about. Meditate on the sentence “Sex is the secret gate to Eden”. Of course it’s subjective :D Nice chatting with you :)

TD: great for you Erika!

KW: The belief that men are insincere and lie to get sex works for many men. Men who are disconnected from their divinity Param Atma, are living in the ego, the Atma.
The ego knows itself to be illusionary, and cannot comprehend its own non-exis…tence, and so, must amass around itself as much physical possesions as possible, including women.
“I have had women”
The ego fears the void of The Divine. God is not tangible to the Ego, and is seen as a vast abyss where survival is threatened. The Ego will attach itself to anything that will give the illusion of permanence and tangibility, and will go to great lengths, including lies, to survive.
The illusions are a projection of the Ego’s fear.
So the pay off for the person in this situation is that the belief is reinforced by the behaviour, and so the cycle continues.
Letting go of this behavior takes great strength and courage from the man. To be able to stand alone among other men and declare himself able to be fully responsible for his own fears, and to deal with them.
When a man can walk this path, and stand in his own truth, he is empowered. He no longer needs to amass trophies.
The empowered man has self esteem which others admire, and aspire to. The attraction of such a man will have him attract a partner in which he can develop are relationship far beyond the sexual realm.
This is what we, as men, deserve.
To settle for anything less, is to separate from The Divine and surrender to the fears.
By surrendering to The Divine, the truth becomes apparent, there was nothing to fear to begin with.
There is a power in surrender that only the enlightened man knows.

Erika Awakening: Beautiful. Thank you so much.

EG: Pretty effin awesome. I love finding the book I was always looking for.

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